Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where are the products made?

Virtu USA products are manufactured in China and go through a Quality Control inspection before and after they are shipped out of the Virtu USA warehouse in the USA.

What is Virtu USA’s Warranty?

You can find our warranty information here.

Do you need to seal the marble top?

Our Italian Carrara White Marble Tops are all sealed with Water resistant low V.O.C. sealer.

Does the marble vanity top have to be sealed periodically?

We recommend the vanity tops be re-sealed every 1-2 years to help protect the natural stone.

What is cultured marble?

Cultured marbles are also made from polyester resins, pigments, fillers and a catalyst.

How are the drawers assembled?

The drawers are constructed in the overlay method. They are attached together with modern adhesives and hardware.

What is the color Espresso?

The espresso is a dark brown finish (think: espresso beans). A sample of the finish can be sent with email request. Contact Us.

How much assembly is required?

Minimal assembly is required and we do advise use of a licensed contractor and plumber otherwise warranty is voided.

Are side splashes available?

We do not offer side splashes due to the natural stone there is no guarantee that it will match the countertop that was received.

How tall are the Vincente cabinet’s legs? How tall are the Vincente countertop legs?

All parts are adjustable; 4.5″ max for cabinet legs, and 6.5″ max for countertop legs.

Are the vanity sets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant?

Unfortunately, the vanity sets are not currently ADA compliant.

How much weight can you put on the tempered glass tops?

We advise a maximum of 30lbs placed on the top; please be advised that all glass is a fragile material.

Why do the Gloria Models MS-575 & MD-423 have plumbing cut-outs in all the top drawers?

This cabinet is a transitional item that allows the use of a single or a double sink set. This is why there is a cut-out in the top middle drawer to allow space for the plumbing for a single sink vanity and plumbing cut-outs for the 2 drawers to allow a double sink vanity.

Why does the glass countertop have an aqua or green tint?

Due to the manufacturing process, tempered glass will tend to have a greenish tint. This is a natural feature and is not considered a defect. As a result of the tempering process or otherwise, color variation in glass may occur in certain products.

How do you remove the drawers from the cabinet?

There should be either a grey tab, orange tab, or screws located on the underside of the drawers where it connects to the tracks. If it is the grey tab, have your contractor insert a flat head screw driver inside the tab and apply pressure towards the center of the drawer. Repeat this step on the other side of the rail to pop the drawer up and out. If it is the orange tab, un-attach the tabs and the drawer should pop up and out. If it is the screws, unscrew the screws and the drawer can be removed.

How far do the drawers extend?

The drawers for this vanity set are 3/4 extensions.

What is the difference in long term durability, cleaning and maintenance between Phoenix Stone and Marble tops?

Both the marble and stone tops are durable and will last if taken care of properly. As far as cleaning and maintenance the marble may require a bit more maintenance regarding cleanups. The stone is a man-made stone durable surface that does not require sealing or resealing. This stone is wear and water resistant, non-porous . The Carrera Marble is a natural porous stone which comes sealed but must be resealed every 2-3 years and cleaned up properly with non-harsh chemicals to avoid any etching.

What is the Black Galaxy Stone?

Granite stone.

What is the size of the faucet hole for the single hole faucet tops?

It is 1 3/8 inches in diameter.

What is the flow rate of the faucets?

Bathroom faucets are 1.2 GPM and Kitchen faucets are for 1.8 GPM.

How long is the extension cord for the towel warmers?

4.59 feet.

Product Materials

Countertops & Integrated Basins

Ceramic is made from natural clay that is baked to remove excess moisture. Ceramic tile is easy to install and very low maintenance. It is also waterproof and able to withstand high temperatures from hot dishes. If you choose ceramic tile be aware that ceramic tile can crack or chip if heavy objects are dropped on it.

The Artificial stone countertop is a Phoenix stone also known as Nano-Crystallized stone, this man made stone is a hard and durable surface that does not require sealing or resealing. This stone is wear and water resistant, non-porous, crack, mildew, heat, and stain resistant. Making it a great countertop for any bathroom.

Poly-marble is a product that is cast in a mold using high quality ingredients. The surface is a sanitary grade gelcoat polymer which provides resistance to staining and scratching and imparts a superior gloss finish. It’s a man-made marble that is clean, hygienic and Durable (impact resistant).

Granite is called “honed” when the polishing process is halted just before a reflective shiny surface is achieved. This gives a softer, matte appearance to the stone. While honed granite has an earthier edge, it can be tricky when it comes to getting the right color. As stated in the description of the product, the cabinet is made of solid oak wood construction. However, the back of the cabinet is made of plywood to allow the plumbing cut outs to be customized to the bathroom’s plumbing system.


Quartz is a type of engineered stone surface that are used for countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and other similar applications. They are made from a combination of ground natural quartz, pigments, and resins. The result is a material that has the look and feel of natural stone, but with improved durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and impacts.


Rubberwood is a durable, eco-friendly hardwood that has a dense grain character and has a low tendency to warp or crack which works perfectly in a bathroom. Rubberwood is used after it has completed its latex-producing cycle, the wood is eco-friendly because it is being used when it would normally be thrown away.

Solid oak wood construction with high grade plywood with premium veneer. Solid wood and veneer are two different types of wood materials commonly used for furniture, cabinetry, and flooring. Solid wood is a piece of wood that is solid all the way through. It is typically made from hardwoods like oak, maple, or cherry, and is prized for its durability and natural beauty.

Highest grade plywood material and high gloss paint.

All towel warmers are made of stainless steel and then are dipped into the choice of finish available (polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze & brushed nickel).

Towel warmers use wires to heat up the unit.